Questioning Christmas

Questioning Christmas is a book about the meaning of life and it wrestles with humanity’s biggest questions such as “Are we alone in the universe?” “Is there meaning in life?” “Is Jesus credible?” and “How did we get here?”

The book is available for purchase through Amazon.

The book hit the shelves in September 2020 and now includes an Audio Version from Narrator Victoria Thomas. Our plan is to have extra links and interviews appearing here as well. So check back in the coming months to discover more, and follow us on

Praise for Questioning Christmas:

“An accessible handbook for those who are perplexed and skeptical about Christianity.

He presents his readers with a wide array of evidence to show why Christianity matters and why one should not ignore it. The book is pastoral in its approach and insightful in its content. After reading this short book, it will be difficult to not to take the person of Jesus and Christian faith seriously. If you want to know why Christianity has impacted so many people around the world over the last 2000 years, grab this book and give it a read; it may save your life after all.”

Sookgoo Shin, Ph.D, University of Cambridge, is Lecturer and the Dean of Students in Malaysia Bible Seminary. Author of Ethics in the Gospel of John

“For those who question, doubt, or ridicule Christianity and its claims, author Rich McCaskill unwraps twelve answers to those questions.

His conversations based on science, history, philosophy, and archaeology respond carefully and confidently to modern-day skeptics. Each chapter closes with a question to ponder that will make even believers more aware of the tenets of their faith.”

Mark Wilson, Director, Asia Minor Research Center, Antalya, Turkey, D.Litt. et Phil., Biblical Studies, University of South Africa (Pretoria),